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About Finger Surgery

Finger Surgery Treatment for Soft Tissue Injury

Pain caused from soft tissue injury is one of the three most complicated diseases in the world. At present, doctors still have no acute and effective solution to cure it.

The invention of Finger Surgery created a brand-new path of treatment. With its outstanding curative effect and result, Finger Surgery treatment for soft tissue injury has been recognized at the medical field as a surprised breakthrough in the 21st century.

1. What is Finger Surgery?

Finger Surgery uses one or two thumbs to treat at a specific spot of the soft tissue, which is similar to use steel knife to operate at the injured area, it also be called “External Body Operation”.

2. What are the major manipulations to compose the Finger Surgery?

Finger Surgery combined 38 types of manipulation, the most important two of them are Bo and Shun. Properly used Bo and Shun becomes the essential part for curing soft tissue injury. With some other manipulations, makes Finger Surgery a perfect Solution for curing the soft tissue injury.

3. What is the difference among Finger Surgery, Tui Na, Massage and Acupressure?

Massage, TuiNa and Acupressure are the traditional manipulations. Generally speaking, massage and acupressure are appropriate for relaxing and taking care of health. TuiNa is appropriate for treating external, internal, women or children’s illness. According to the latest theory, it is necessary to separate the treatment of soft tissue injury from traditional manipulations and to specialize in “Finger Surgery” treatment.

Finger Surgery focused on the pathologic change of injured soft tissue by combined using the 38 manipulations to cure the patients effectively. Right after the organism injured, it is at the first stage of pathologic change. If appropriated manipulations were used, the swelling may quickly reduce, spasm may immediately alleviate and pain may disappear right away. If the manipulation did not focus on the pathologic change, it is very possible to make patient’s symptoms moved to second stage; swelling increased, the external region of spasm or scars would be swollen with severe pain, the additional treatment and recovering process will be needed.

Massage works only on the surface of the soft tissue, which is not deep enough. Massage at the swollen part would cause injured tissue more swelling, inflammation, lymphatic fluid, tissue fluid and blood flood, even develop swelling underneath skin and caused patient’s unbearable pain. Under these circumstances, taking any medicine could not relief the pain.

“TuiNa” is not directed and specific at the injured area, could not reach precised result. The area of TuiNa is wide; if patient injured a small area, it is very possible to injure the surrounding soft tissue with Tui Na and gets no directed curative effect at the injured spot. Generally speaking, after many years of TuiNa, soft tissues become loose, once it injured, inflammation will follow the fascia and spread over from one point to a whole piece.

Acupressure at swelling spot is appropriate, which often used at spasm and stiffed soft tissue areas. However slight press can not obtain a curative effect, people usually pressed at the spasm spot very hard in order to relax the muscle and continuously pressed the soft tissue for hours until patient could not bear the pain. People do not realize that fiber would be adhered and become more stiffness after prolonged pressure, it would take much more treatments to recover. Pressing at the far point, the local injured area can not get completely treatment, which will cause scars and difficulty for a future treatment.

Finger Surgery follows the fiber movement to operate at the swelling or painful spot. Use the “Shun” manipulation as the first cut, patient may feel slight pain, pain will be immediately reduced after the second cut; pain and swelling will be relieved after the third cut. The spasm and scar of the soft tissue will be relaxed very fast.